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Monday, April 3, 2017

Congratulations to the Newest Resource Specialists in Illinois! Thanks for your hard work and for all you do for your students!

Congratulations to 2017 Resource Specialists for Special Learning Needs! Gosia Warias, Triton, Dorota Krzykowska, Triton, Cat Pumphrey, Jane Addams, Debra Johnson, Olive-Harvey, Myrna Olowu, Olive-Harvey, Michael Matos, Albany Park, Ruta Jonusaitis, College of Dupage, John Edmond Towns, Olive-Harvey, Alfred Barrow, Olive-Harvey, Yordanos T. Gebrekidane, Albany Park
Cat Pumphrey, Dorota Krzykowska, Ruta Jonusaitis

Michael Matos, Yordanos Gebrekidane, John Edmond Towns

Alfred Barrow, Myrna Olowu, Debra Johnson

Yordanos Gebrekidane

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