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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching and Test Taking Skills from Diann Duke

Thanks to Diann Duke, GED Director, Peoria Adult Transition Center and Peoria County Jail, and participant in the Special Learning Needs group meeting at Parkland College for her advice and for sharing her individualized plan for her students.

“I am teaching strategies for test taking and when attempting any learning or output.  Our students haven't been successful in traditional school but many are very intelligent - they haven't picked up some valuable skills/strategies to support them in learning, retaining and demonstrating what they know.

I apply Diagnostic-Prescriptive teaching during this process by observing students while they are instructed and when they are being tested, taking notes that apply to them individually (such as use of tools available, pacing during a test, etc.) and making an individualized plan (short, beginning with simple strategies they can master and moving up to more intricate strategies as they develop skills).  I either meet with them or communicate through notes which include instructors who have that day to day contact and opportunity to reinforce what we are attempting to embed in student performance.



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  1. Thank you to Ms. Duke for sharing this valuable information. I am a new teacher at an ATC in Chicago. I am always looking for tips from other professionals on how to better individualize instruction and how to create strategies for success. This is especially important in a setting such as an adult transition center because at first, some participants do not want to attend school, as they have not had good experiences while in traditional schools. Helping students to understand that the way they learn is not inherently "wrong" but rather may simply be different than how others learn could serve as a motivator for them to not just attend mandatory classes but to actively participate and envision success in their futures.