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Monday, June 6, 2016

Fresh Ideas from the Field

Thanks to Kathy Young for sharing the following:
At McHenry County College we had a speaker who had earned her GED® and has since gone through college and earned multiple certificates. The speaker, Susana, explained to the students that time management skills will help them reach their goal of passing the GED. Susana said that she used to think that she would never have the time to study at home since she had a family and a job. When she started keeping track of how she used her time, she realized that she DID have time to study.

Each student was given a small spiral notebook. They were told that they needed to write down what they do for three entire days. They need to keep track of how long they spend doing certain activities. After they have recorded this information, they will bring the spiral to school and we will look at it to see what they could do to find the time to study. After they figure out how to budget their activities to find the time to study, we will have them create a schedule for the week. This schedule will include the exact time each day that they can use for studying. The students all have assignment books from the college so they will use these books to keep track of the dates and time frame for school work. We will also work with them to help them set a goal that says they will follow this schedule for two weeks. After that we will meet and see how the plan worked and revise as needed. Susana also volunteered to come back in a month to provide support and encouragement to the students as they work to develop their time management skills.

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