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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Online training opportunity - tell your colleagues

Introduction to Special Learning Needs (SLN)
Join this overview to look at the difference between learning preferences, learning difficulties and a learning disability as well as taking a look at learning styles. Strategies for effective instruction and providing an engaging learning environment for individuals with special learning needs and for ALL learners will be explored.
Online learning opportunity – completion of this session and a short application assignment will result in one Certificate of Participation to fulfill the Illinois Community College Board's yearly professional development requirement.
This session is presented online via Go To Training. There is no cost to attend.
Any questions should be addressed to Southern Illinois Professional Development Centersipdctrainer@gmail.com or call Sarah or Colleen at 618-650-2254

Monday, March 28, 2016

Check out this new book by Neil Sturomski!

So excited this morning because my copy of Neil Sturomski's new book, Scrambled, just arrived! Neil is the co-creator of the Institute to Credential Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists. You can visit Neil's website to order your copy: http://neilsturomski.com/

Here's the scoop:


By Neil Sturomski

SƆRAMBLƎD: A NovelSƆRAMBLƎD exemplifies the struggles faced by many individuals with learning disabilities. Its main character – Matt Walsh – is a twenty-something adult whose learning disability is the root cause of persistent angst, frustration and turmoil as he tries desperately to achieve, to succeed both in his career – and in his personal life.

The novel attempts to describe Matt’s inner-most thoughts as he works to better himself and overcome his skill deficits. His anxiety – and life’s common distractions – often get the better of him as he strives to move up the ladder toward career security.

In addition to coping with his work-related issues, Matt has fallen in love with Sarah – a beautiful and talented woman with a budding medical career. She is fully aware of Matt’s learning issues, loves him for his perseverance and his innate talents, and supports his desire and efforts at improvement. But, Matt’s love for Sarah causes him additional anxiety. He needlessly worries that he can’t meet her expectations. And he fears moving forward with her until he can provide financially for her and the family they both want.

The pages of SƆRAMBLƎD will show you how Matt perseverates on his difficulties. You’ll meet individuals who play a role in Matt’s life, realize the opportunities they present, and learn how Matt reacts to them. You’ll see how his strength of will helps him succeed and how his fears almost undo all of his hard work. And you’ll see how his intense love for Sarah both energizes and nearly paralyzes him. In the end, does Matt truly succeed? Is he able to gain control over his learning, his career, his personal life? These questions, and more, are all answered in “SƆRAMBLƎD”.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Just Stepping Stones to Greatness

Shark Tank Fans Take Note!

If you're like me and love the TV show, Shark Tank, or  if you just  want to learn more about learning issues and how to help  and inspire, check out  this interview on the website understood.org.



This from  LDA: Behind just about every successful entrepreneur is a strong support network. And that's certainly true of Shark Tank's Daymond John. Daymond John and his mom sat down to share stories about his path to success. In this exclusive video series, we learn how John has thrived in spite of-or perhaps because of-his learning differences. The entrepreneur and his mom discuss his learning issues and how they were "just stepping stones to greatness."