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Monday, November 2, 2015

Rewordify.com - Great Suggestion from Kate Fergus of Ohio!

I was fortunate to meet a cool professional, Katherine B. Fergus, at the Technical College System of Georgia state conference where we were both presenting. 

Kate is a Program Specialist for the Ohio ABLE Professional Development Network (PDN), based at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Kate’s areas of interest include critical thinking, curriculum development, special learning needs, and instructional technology. 

She has agreed to share some ideas with us. Here is the first of a few to come!

“As a professional developer in the realm of adult education, I am always asked the question ‘But what about my students with special learning needs? How can I help them succeed in the multi-level classroom, too?’ This question is, of course, one that many of us face as adult education professionals – whether it’s asked of us or we are asking it of others. Because there is such a prevalence of LD in adult learners, whether diagnosed or – more often – suspected, we need to be sure we are accommodating these learners in what is often a classroom full of students at different levels with various strengths and challenges. Here is one of my favorite resources for differentiation in the adult education classroom:


This tip is actually my favorite resource of 2014 and I’ve been sharing it with people all over the adult education community since it was introduced to me by an instructor here in Ohio. 

Rewordify.com is the most marvelous solution to the multi-level classroom challenge I’ve seen…maybe ever! What makes this site so fabulous is its ease of use and the fact that it is completely free for educators to access! Here’s how it works:

    Copy and paste ANY text (I use it for informational text) from the web, a PDF (if the PDF allows it), or a Word file into the Rewordify box and BAM! It’s reworded to a lower level for students who struggle with more challenging text and vocabulary. 

     Copy THAT reworded text out of the webpage and paste it into your own document for use in the classroom. Ta-da!
But WAIT! There’s more!

You can create customized worksheets, quizzes, vocabulary boxes (with or without definitions) with the click of a button and change the level of rewording and format of the final output – there are six levels of difficulty/ease and different formats that you can use in the classroom with your students of all levels!

I really can’t praise the folks who developed this gem enough – it is an absolutely amazing resource for instructors who have a hard time finding materials that can be used in a multi-level classroom. It certainly takes some of the aches out of differentiation! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!"

Thanks Kate! More to come soon so keep on the lookout for guest posts. Kate shared with me that she loves graphic organizers. All you SLN folks out there know that’s also a passion for me so we’ll talk more about those soon!

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