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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Keep Those Metacognitve Ideas Coming!

Sally Guy from Elgin Community College provides many opportunities for student success through fostering metacognitive skills.Sally shared the following:

"I like to engage students in group projects such as creating a class booklet or calendar or some other "take away."  The level of students helps determine the project.  For instance, I have had lower NRS level students implement vocabulary word/s they have learned and come up with a sentence or short paragraph using the words. I have them work with a partner to come up with some type of dialogue, then I take their photos, create a calendar page with all my students, have it printed so that they all get copies.  They then have worked collaboratively, utilized new vocabulary, created a document, and finally have something tangible to take with them when class ends.  I feel that such projects give students a sense of accomplishment.  I do similar things with higher level students, but the booklets we make would be based on a novel read in class or some other connected activity. (This is also FUN!) 

In some classes I have students create and present to the class.  They have an option of choosing their topic, whether they work independently or with a partner, and the type of media they use.  (Some learn/do power point, others may use a poster or demonstrate in another way.)  Before they actually get in front of the class I help them brainstorm, show them an example or two of other student work, and we have a discussion of how this is valuable......such as in a work environment or job interview situation."

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