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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fostering Metacognitive Skills and Critical Thinking in Your Classroom

Fostering metacognitive skills and critical thinking is a topic covered multiple times and in multiple ways in the Institute to Credential Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists. It's a topic everyone in education should value so I'm going to share some great posts from previous SLN participants and ask everyone out there to share their thoughts.

This is a topic I'll be presenting on at Elgin Community College this Saturday morning as they host the APC 509 15th Annual Adult Educator's Fall Conference. Then I will share the same information at the Forum for Excellence in Bloomington on September 22nd.  

Let's start a discussion here beginning with suggestions from Cathy Kramer of Waubonsee Community College:

"I would start by sharing my own thought processes.  What am I doing while reading?  How will I organize my thoughts? How will I find out the information I don’t know.   I like to share how I write down EVERYTHING I have to do during the day in the morning, even if it seems like I wouldn’t forget.  Marking each thing off my list gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Overtime, this has given me a real sense of how long each task will take to perform so that I can better organize my day."

What do you do to foster metacognitive skills and critical thinking?

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