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Monday, April 13, 2015

Northern SLN Group Completes Training

Congratulations to the following for completing their SLN training last Friday at Waubonsee Community College.

Annette Barker - Waubonsee
Carolyn Markel - Moraine Valley
Sally Guy - Elgin
Dwayne Daniel - Safer Foundation
Heather Martin - Waubonsee
Alice Daniels - Rock Valley
Mandy Dwyer - Joliet
Kerry McCloskey - Waubonsee
Ginger McBride - Shawnee
Cathy Kramer - Waubonsee
Judy McGregor - Waubonsee
Luz Garfias - Waubonsee
Beth Maleski - Waubonsee
Tara Schwab - Waubonsee

Thanks to the above for making a difference in their students’ lives via increasing their knowledge and expertise by becoming credentialed Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists. 

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