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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Word Warrior of the Week

Thanks to Nancy Young of Lewis and Clark Community College and a current member of the Central SLN group for her Reading/Writing strategy!

Brainstorm/discuss what they think this article or story might be about based on the title/picture.
Read the story aloud together.
Stop from time to time to check the brainstorming answers.
Confirm or debunk what they thought the article or story was going to be about.
Have the students go back over the material and come up with a vocabulary list (Always have a backup list)
Bounce the vocabulary words around the room to allow each student to use it properly in a sentence.
Begin the word war. This is where the students challenge each other to come up with grammatically correct sentences using multiple words. The student that uses the most vocabulary words in one sentence is the "Word warrior of the week".
Go back to the article/story and have the student do some analyzing and summarizing.
Identify descriptive areas and paint a verbal picture of what that looks like, so the student can "see" it in their mind.
Relate the article or story to the real world if at all possible.

Thanks, Nancy, for this fun, interactive, and real world reality check strategy!


  1. I feel that the word war activity is a great idea! Students will be more likely to remember vocabulary words when creating multiple sentences for each word. This is a great way to get students motivated for a vocabulary lesson!

  2. I like this activity because I have doing this technique somewhat already and now I have more to work with. When reading a story or article aloud with students after one has read a passage or paragraph, I asked them what are their thoughts thus creating a dialogue with them about the story. If there are pictures involved I ask them to examine the pictures and explain what he or she think is going on. This really helps them to connect the information to real world applications and connect the information personally in their lives. Enjoyed your information.