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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Student Partnering Ideas for Understanding and Confidence

Thanks to Linda Zacchea from Waubonsee Community College and a participant in the northern SLN group for her enriching ideas.
Reading - I have students choose two characters from a story and write a letter from one to the other. They need to delve a little bit deeper into both the characters and their involvement in the story to be able to effectively do this.  

I also like to use the think/pair/share strategy when covering a new topic.  First you have individuals come up with some ideas and jot them down, then partners talk, then either one or both partners shares with the whole class. I think that students gain confidence in their ideas when they first have time to think to themselves, then talk about it  to one person, rather than the large group.

Thanks, Linda, and thanks for inspiring your students! These ideas are also great for enhancing post-secondary and work skills. Boosting our students critical thinking skills and confidence levels is a fantastic contribution to their future success.

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