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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ideas from the Field

A teaching strategy that I used was instructing students on how to study for test. It is important to have learned how to take effective notes in order to prepare to study. 

Preparing to study should be compiled of three components: main idea, reviewing, and practice self-testing. All of my students were special education and seeing that my strategy only involved three steps made them more willing to try it.

Main Idea: Very important: students must have already identified with being successful in knowing main idea. The main idea is normally listed within the first paragraph of any lesson. Once this has been established, moving forward to small and large details of the main idea should be identified. Most of this information should be highlighted, written, placed in order of action, etc.

Reviewing: Once information is complete, reviewing should take place as soon as possible. This is what I call the train brain; this gives the brain a slim chance at being allowed to disremember any new information that is expressed as being important. After reviewing is performed within days (2 to 3) revisit prior to self-testing. 

Self-testing: Self-testing which is speaking questions out loud and then writing and speaking answers aloud, the brain will 90 percent of the time store information giving brain the ability to recall more swiftly. Most of my students who were presented with these tips identified them as being effective when used to prepare for testing in most subjects. 

Please note that when studying for math, students would perform self-testing by writing down problems while speaking aloud as they would write and then writing and figuring answers/solutions while speaking aloud as they would write. Almost like a check and balance sequence. This really worked well for students that learned better visually/hands-on. This gave students the opportunity to utilize written out/spoken aloud notes continually while preparing for test.

Submitted by:

Gail Bonds Carpenter

Manager, Services for Students with Disabilities Office

South Suburban College

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