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Friday, August 26, 2016

Bravo Dwayne Reed! 

Chicago teacher pens rap song to inspirestudents...http://abc7.ws/2bN1mdR

Who wouldn't want to be a student in his class?!!

I hope this inspires you to reach your students where they are and find the joy of learning for both of you!

Have a great year!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Institute to Credential Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists

Are you interested in learning strategies to help your students learn? Do you know someone who is interested? We're getting ready to form a new learning group for The Institute to Credential Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists (SLN). 

This is an intensive training designed to enhance program capacity to meet the needs of adults with special learning needs through the development of local resource specialists.  Participants will be trained to serve as resources for instructional staff in their programs and provide screening for SLN, observe the manifestations of special learning needs, and develop appropriate instructional strategies for use by instructors within their programs.

Locations and dates to be determined by interest from the field

For more information or to host this training at your site, contact Sarah Goldammer at sgoldam@siue.edu

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Check out these fabulous free training opportunities!

New online training: Teaching Research Skills to ESL and ABE/ASE Students

There are new training modules with resources to teach ESL and ABE/ASE students available. Email sipdctrainer@gmail.com for access to these new opportunities.

Also new are technology resources for adult ed on the SIPDC YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN1V3VjlWEdvPeGijNTVtFg

Thanks to Tara Schwab and Heather Martin of Waubonsse Community College for creating these new training opportunities! Tara and Heather are fabulous teachers and Special Learning Needs Resource Specialists doing their part to improve this world!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SignAloud: Gloves that Transliterate Sign Language into Text and Speech

Check this out!

Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi of the University of Washington are the $10,000 Lemelson-MIT “Use it!” Undergraduate Winners for their invention SignAloud, gloves that transliterate sign language into text and speech


Monday, June 6, 2016

Fresh Ideas from the Field

Thanks to Kathy Young for sharing the following:
At McHenry County College we had a speaker who had earned her GED® and has since gone through college and earned multiple certificates. The speaker, Susana, explained to the students that time management skills will help them reach their goal of passing the GED. Susana said that she used to think that she would never have the time to study at home since she had a family and a job. When she started keeping track of how she used her time, she realized that she DID have time to study.

Each student was given a small spiral notebook. They were told that they needed to write down what they do for three entire days. They need to keep track of how long they spend doing certain activities. After they have recorded this information, they will bring the spiral to school and we will look at it to see what they could do to find the time to study. After they figure out how to budget their activities to find the time to study, we will have them create a schedule for the week. This schedule will include the exact time each day that they can use for studying. The students all have assignment books from the college so they will use these books to keep track of the dates and time frame for school work. We will also work with them to help them set a goal that says they will follow this schedule for two weeks. After that we will meet and see how the plan worked and revise as needed. Susana also volunteered to come back in a month to provide support and encouragement to the students as they work to develop their time management skills.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

8 Tips to Boost Working Memory

Want to help your students improve their working memory? Want to improve your own? Check out these eight tips from author Amanda Morin:

1. Work on visualization skills
2. Teach someone else
3. Play games that use visual memory
4. Play cards
5. Encourage active reading
6. Chunk information into smaller bites
7. Make it multisensory
8. Help make connections

These suggestions were made for children but I adapted them slightly and suggest trying them with your adult learners. They are great ideas for ourselves to improve working memory. These will look familiar to those who have been through the SLN Institute, but it's always good to have a reminder.

Read the full article at: https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/learning-at-home/homework-study-skills/8-working-memory-boosters?utm_campaign=partner&utm_source=lda&utm_medium=email&utm_content=may&utm_source=Understood+May+2016+Campaign&utm_campaign=Understood-May+2016&utm_medium=emailhttps://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/learning-at-home/homework-study-skills/8-working-memory-boosters?utm_campaign=partner&utm_source=lda&utm_medium=email&utm_content=may&utm_source=Understood+May+2016+Campaign&utm_campaign=Understood-May+2016&utm_medium=email

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Congratulations to Special Learning Needs Resource Specialsts

Hats off to our newest SLN Resource Specialists! This is a persistent group who decided even with "lack of budget storms" raging all around, they would NOT be deterred! Congratulations on working through logistical issues and finding a way to learn and grow with and from each other making a difference in our students' lives!

Irina Cline                Morton College                              
Alexis Lorzano         Triton College                                 
Cathy Matthews       Sauk Valley Community College
Juan F. Ovalle          Triton College                                 
Antoinette Stella      Triton College                                 
Kathy Young             McHenry Community College